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Funkagenda and Stuart Knight previewing tracks and meeting with prospective artists at a Canadian DJ Show GetSigned session March, 2016

Funkagenda and Stuart Knight meeting with prospective artists at a CDJ Show GetSigned session March, 2016, Toronto.

'One of the issues record labels face is the daunting prospect of listening to every demo we receive. When producers make the effort to send us music, ultimately we feel it's right to listen to their track and reply to them. But justifying the time and resources to do this can be an issue at an independent label, when we receive so many, and unfortunately a large proportion of them do not fall within the genres of music we release here at Toolroom. So GetSigned offers an excellent solution - by intuitively filtering the right demos for us, we have a more targeted shortlist of demos to listen to. We're looking forward to working more with this platform, and seeing if we can find some new talent through it.'
Stuart Knight - Managing Director, Toolroom

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For artists and producers, GetSigned.ca offers a unique service to that allows you to get your tracks that are ready for prime-time into the inboxes and playlists of the decision makers at today's most prominent independent and major music labels.

You can easily maintain a library of your tracks, tagged just the way you like, along with an artist profile that will make it easy for the labels to find your tracks and sign them!
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Key Concepts

A Label Showcase Every Day

Submit your tracks directly to the A&R reps at in all musical genres and get your music noticed fast!

Navigate to your finished track on your hard drive and upload it, tag it, and click finish - your track is ready to be discovered

Made a change to your track requested by a label? You can show the revised version or replace the old version - totally up to you.

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About GetSigned.ca

Universal Music Canada and Physical Presents meeting with prospective artists at a Canadian DJ Show GetSigned session March, 2015

It all started at the CDJ Show as a simple idea: bring the artists and labels together for a face to face sit down when they are already in the same building for the same event.
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